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Thread: RS125 2000 Model ( New Owner ) ADVICE

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    RS125 2000 Model ( New Owner ) ADVICE Please move to correct section

    Good Afternoon,

    Iv bought myself a 2000 registration low milage RS125 from a lovely chap who was on this forum, which I知 really happy.

    My intentions are to keep it original and it good condition just as the previous owners did.

    Reason for my post is Iv not had a 2 Stoke motercyle since I was 15 years old and I知 now 31, I need some advice as Iv been out in my garage to start it for the second time since owning it and it started but I was unsure if the choke was fully open or fully off. The bike cut out and I went to restart it, it backfired slightly and then Iv not been able to start it.

    I think it痴 maybe flooded?

    What do you think?

    Its got a spark as I checked the plug and I must admit the garage does smell quite rich of fuel?


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    Sorry admin,

    Please move to the correct section

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