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If I remember right the MotoGP class actually INCREASED fuel capacity in recent years due to bikes going into 'economy 'mode' to finish races but also they were running so lean it was making them even more difficult to ride, particularly in the &00 era - all this smacks of F1, I would hate to see bike racing going down that path of complexity, personally I'd still prefer to see the battles won on track not as a result a technical war off it or rule manipulation to handicap success as is happening in WSBK. I appreciate that the technical war has to be won but over-complexity is a real turn off, pure hard racing should still be the ultimate goal for bike racing shouldn't it?
They went from 26 in 2004 to 20 in 2014 for factory teams, but raised it to 22 when they adopted the unified ECU as the playing field was seen to have been levelled.

I’m not sure where your ‘complexity’ is coming from? A weight minimum, a fuel maximum and mandatory safety reps (like clean lines, maximum dimensions, dual disks, would be many hundreds of pages less technical notation than they currently have.

Pure hard racing - and technical innovation, should be the goal.