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Thread: EFI error -1

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    EFI error -1

    Hi there

    I'm rebuilding a bike I got as part of another deal. It's 75% complete, but has been used as a spare part bike. So I have some challenges New battery. New oil. Oil pressure when I turn the engine with the starter, with the spark plugs removed. But the EFI light blinks. When connecting the cables to see the error code, it shows "-1".

    I have an ECU program on my PC. Tried it on my second Futura, and it worked fine. But on my project bike, the program can't find the ECU.

    Tested putting a spark plug into the cable from the coil, to see if I got a spark when trying to start... Nothing...

    So... I need some help here The problem might be some parts missing, since I don't have full control.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The strange thing is that sometimes the EFI lamp is "OK", meaning dark...

    I hope to get this motor running soon. Thanks


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    -1 is not an error code. It means your kill switch is in the off position. I'm thinking the starter won't spin with the kill switch activated though.

    For some reason, I seem to recall that mine will run with the airbox open.

    Not sure what yer trying to show with the video. The oil level in the sight tube is not gonna budge until the motor gets up to operating temp.

    Can't help you with the ECU programming. You have no spark, does your fuel pump prime? If you have neither, you might have a faulty tip-over sensor or faulty "engine stop" relay.

    Have you checked all of the fuses - the ones in front as well as the 2, 30Amain fuses?

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