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Thread: BV250 bar end mirror installation?

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    BV250 bar end mirror installation?

    Hi all. First post. Been riding for just a few weeks. I've got a used 2009 BV250 and am really enjoying it.

    I'm having trouble with the standard stem mirrors and getting a good rear view past my wide shoulders. So I thought bar-end mirrors might be a good solution. I knowingly bought a budget set from Amazon, expecting to upgrade in the spring when riding season comes around again.

    I unscrewed the chrome bar weight (right hand side) and it came off. Inside the bar end is a "plug", not unlike how I understand bar-end mirrors get installed.

    Here's a photo:

    I know it's an insert because the act of getting the chrome ends off got it jostled outward about 1/4"

    My question is - can I and should I remove this? I know it'll be necessary for "in-bar" mounted bar-end mirrors. How would I remove that insert? Can it be replaced if I change my mind?

    Obviously - not much of a mechanic here. More comfortable with electronics and computers, but I'm capable of turning a few screws now and then.

    Thanks, and glad to be be part of the forum.

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    some modern bar end accs. actually have a center allen screw that threads to that insert if you using squeeze in type ends see if ya can push that insert in 1 inch in enuff space foe squeeze types to fit and insert can remain in and un pull it out again just use a 2 in long bolt to pull it into place wen ya upgrade..

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