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Thread: 28K miles on plugs

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    28K miles on plugs

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    These are NGK DCPR9EIX Iridium plugs from my '03 Capo that have gone 28K. The gap went from 0.028" to 0.030" in that time. From many years of plug reading that is very low erosion for a plug under that much hard driving. The total cost including sales tax was $29 for all four. It is a better value to buy better plugs and run longer. The stock plugs run $3 each and these are $6.60 each. They could go another 15K easy with the erosion not exceeding 0.004" to enlarge the gap to about 0.032".

    Plugs are NGK DCPR9EIX, NGK stock number 2316
    UPC: # 87295123164

    I don't have the O'Reilly stock number handy. Our motors really hammer their parts so plugs that go 45K in a car (Iridium plugs in a '98 Suzuki Swift) don't have the same life span.

    On an unrelated note, per a discussion on non-hygroscopic brake fluids:

    Also available at O'Reilly is Gunk/Motor Medic DOT 5 Silicone brake fluid. Reading lines 5&6 on the label: "For ALL SILICONE Brake Systems. High Quality Formula Does Not Absorb Water."

    Gunk/ Motor medic part number: M4011

    Just Sayin'.....


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    That's darn good and more miles than most people ever ride a motorcycle. I'm wondering about that brake fluid. Does that mean the moisture remains as it is instead of being absorbed in the brake fluid and thus held in suspension until purged? Just curious about the benefit unless all moisture could be excluded from the brakie system. I have no knowledge on that so just asking.

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    Dot 5 Silicone brake fluid should NOT be used in for 4 system . Your seals in Master Cylinder are not designed for it !

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    Some truth to the not compatible.
    For some o-ring material the silicone is a solvent but most hydraulic seals (like brake cylinder seals) are nitrile rubber and it is tolerant of silicone. I have a lot of miles on the Capo and a Yammy Virago that have yet to leak. The Virago is parked almost 3 years now and the seals are still holding. Brembo uses the very best material in their products. I would be surprised if it fails. DOT 4 is no picnic on seals either.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Pro69ss View Post
    Dot 5 Silicone brake fluid should NOT be used in for 4 system .
    Exactly correct. And for sure, never in an ABS brake system. If a person feels the need for higher boiling point than his DOT 3 or 4 -equipped system can deliver, DOT 5.1 is the choice for either ABS or standard. There's more at play here than simply whether or not the fluid is hygroscopic or whether or not it causes leaks. Do yourselves a favor, and ignore advice to stray from the manufacturer-specified brake fluid specs. Flush your fluid at least once every 24 months or as specified in your service manual, and you won't have to worry about your fluid being inadequate, or whatever concern has prompted this discussion in the first place.

    Your observation is valid. In fact, DOT 5 in motorcycles proved to create more problems than solutions, so it's been mostly abandoned. Even Harley went back to DOT 4 and hasn't specified DOT 5 since the 2006 model year.

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    I used to get 10-15 out of the regular plugs. Probably not the best thing.

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