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Thread: Piaggio X9 500 Battery Issues

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    Piaggio X9 500 Battery Issues

    Hey Everybody,

    I just purchased a pristine 2005 Piaggio X9 500 Evo from an old friend. The X9 had 900 miles on the odometer at the time of purchase. I have added about 300 miles in the past 6 weeks just riding around and having fun.

    I went to start it up yesterday afternoon and it did not horn, no starter, etc. I connected it to my Battery Tender and allowed the battery to charge overnight. This morning I measured the battery voltage with my multimeter at 12V. It started fine but acted a bit weird as I was driving it.

    When I returned home after a 10 minute ride, I once again measured the battery voltage to be 10.6V. I also disconnected the negative lead to the battery and looked to see if there was any parasitic current draw. I measured 200mA of parasitic current draw. I was sure to close the trunk and remove the key from the ignition. I then started pulling fuse by fuse to determine which circuit was responsible for the parasitic current leak. I pulled the 4 fuses in the battery compartment, 4 in the trunk, and 4 in the glovebox individually and NONE of these "turned off" the parasitic current draw.

    So maybe I have 2 problems: 1) voltage charging issue, and 2) parasitic current leak.

    I also measured the resistance between yellow leads on the stator side of the connection between the stator and voltage regulator to be between .2-1.0 ohms per the service manual.

    Any ideas?


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    Could be a dud regulator, if a diode blows it may give a slight drain. Check the voltage across the battery terminals with the engine running it should rise to 14.5V no higher. If it goes above this or fails to lift above 12-13V then the regulator is dud. It's a common problem with the earlier Ducatti regulators. Very rarely the stator fails but if you have measured the resistance between any two of the three wires and they are all the same at virtually zero ohms then it's fine.

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    Thank you again Dave. I just replied to your other posting. Ordering the regulator tomorrow. Hopefully this will solve the problem.


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