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Thread: Leo 150 of 1997 water pump

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    Cool Leo 150 of 1997 water pump

    Hallo, i´m new here and need your help. How do I come to the water pump of my scooter to control there function? The thermostat is new, but there is no pressure before the cooler and the inletpipe rests cool, when the water temperatur is signed very high. I can´t find the lid of the water pump not at all. Do you have a picture to show it?

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    thats a Rotax engine (Austria) the water pump is in stator case on right side of bike opposite belt case.It requires a 100 dollar tool to even attempt to change I am going to use Malossi Straight Inline water pump they sell in your country i must order from Eu no one carries in USA Bosch and Craige Davies also make mini water pumps .output hose is same side as V/C vent hose splice pump in this line my pumps fuel and water are on switches.

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    if you have LED all around in light sockets including headlight the two pumps will not effect the electrical system.. i even added a switch to turn headlight off/on at will

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