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Thread: Shiver engine starts for a sec and then stops

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    Shiver engine starts for a sec and then stops

    Hey guys.
    I have a 2011 shiver GT with 29.5K KM.
    From the day I bought it when I wanted to start the engine I had to push the starter for a few seconds until it would start (although sometimes it would start immediately).

    Lately after I push the starter a few seconds it starts and then dies immediately. Then I push the starter again and it fires right away, and there are no problems during the ride.
    The battery is one year old and I don't think that's the problem.

    I'll be doing a 30K service myself soon. anything worth checking so I can get it fixed? although TBH it's not much of a problem.

    Here is a video of what the problem looks like:

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    Mine did this for a while when I disconnected the O2 sensor. It could be an adaptation thing (overall fueling rich / lean trim), so if you don't think the O2 sensor is on its way out (they don't last forever) then you could try resetting the adaptation at a dealer, or yourself using GuzziDiag or TuneECU. The adaptation can be sensitive to wild swings in atmospheric conditions since last running, for example.

    Sometimes the bike will refuse to start if it hasn't done its throttle body calibration, so it will just keep cranking until you stop and try again - at which point it should fire up fine. Twins generally are a little lazy starting, but I think ours monitors the MAP sensors on cranking to get an idea of injector and ignition phasing - a crank position sensor cannot tell you which stroke the cylinders are on and our bikes don't have camshaft position sensors. This might all only explain your experience up to the point where it would die after starting, but not since.
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    Mine did the same thing recently.

    Turned out to be a vacuum line that had popped off, causing low intake pressure.

    Take a look under the air box.
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    Did you fix the problem? Mine is doing the same thing starts and dies.

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