Hi ,new to the forum ,pleased to meet all of you ,,my question is I have the chance of buying a sx or Sri 125 ,it is an old one ,think it's 1995 model as that's what I was told ,it needs a lot of work ,mostly cosmetic ,when I went to look at it he wanted 500 pound for it ,I then asked him why it wouldn't start ,as I had noticed something ,he hadn't as they had been trying to get it running for weeks ,,I told him ,that if he dropped it of at my garage as his dad is a freind of mine ,I would take a look at it ,see if I could fix it ,,I had it for about a week before I could take a look at it ,by then he said he had only got it for transport to get bck forth from work ,he had now got a car ,so I then had a look at it ,but had offered him 250 for it ,as I had added up what parts it needed ,he accepted ,I then had a kick at it noticed that there was no compression ,then I noticed it had no spark plug atall ,lol so put one in ,pop it fired up FRST time ,engine needs some wrk resting carbs and oil pump etc as they had been turning screws and anything that mined ,but I have a spare rd 400 rd bike engine ,so I'm thinking of making a crazy supermoto ,out of it ,I need good set of wheels for it to give it that good supermoto look ,also going to make my own body wrk where needed ,,if anyone on here has any parts I would gladly take them off you're hands ,also if you think there is s better place than this to get parts and info regarding this bike , I could do with the help ,,thnk you very much ,in advance for any help ,