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Thread: Quick Action Throttle

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    Quick Action Throttle

    I've used my 2016 Factory on track a couple of times now and the standard throttle travel is an issue for me. From what I've read / been told the RSV4 specific kits fit?

    I've looked at SCM, Domino and Robby Moto QA throttles and details of actual experiance of these units would be helpful.

    The QA G2 throttle tube is also of intrest as although they don't list the Tuono in their fitments, I've read that some of the KTM versions fit?

    Thanking you in advance for any advice.

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    May not be much help in feedback on the V4, but I installed a motion pro throttle with changeable cams on the RSVR, put in the most aggressive one, and love it. It's the first aftermarket throttle I've tried in all my years at the track and now I'll never go back.

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    I have the motion pro with the shortest throw in it. I bought the bike race ready, and that throttle took me a minute to get used to. Talk about making your ass butter smooth while leaned over....You'd better adapt quick to it. I've had aftermarket throttles in all my race bikes over the years, but what it does to the RSV4 is crazy, in a good way.

    Every time i go thru tech, and the tech twists the throttle, they're amazed followed by a 'holy shit'.
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    I just bought a domino xm2 but they don't have specific cables for the tuono and I am told by a very reliable source that the cables they sent will not fit the tuono v4 and require a 90 degree elbow which they are trying to get for me to make it work,will let you know how I get on ,rsv4 cables are no good as they are too short

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    Motion Pro did a custom set for my bike and AF1 installed it. I'm a big fan.
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    so the domino xm2 will not fit tuonov4? hmmm always heard good things about them

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    The quick action throttle is fine it's the cable connections,I have ordered some from venhill so then it will work perfectly ,I bought the throttle from bike torque racing ,will let you know what cables I ordered if you are going to buy 1

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