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Thread: 520 front sprocket question

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    520 front sprocket question

    I installed a new 520 setup todya and everything went pretty smooth except for one thing. The front sprocket had a shoulder on either side of the teeth( one shoulder thicker than the other). I laid the new and old front sprocket side by side and it appeared to me that the new sprocket needs the thicker shoulder installed towards the motor for the teeth to line up on the new and old sprockets. Was I right in installing it that way or should the thinner shoulder be in towards the motor? Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Did it yesterday on my Tuono, the thicker side towards the motor.

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    Inward - yes. Thicker side facing inward.

    Confirmed by notes and photo on AF1 site here:

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    thanks everyone for the replies! glad I don't have to pull it apart and flip it around

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