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Thread: Rs4 50 2018 aftermarket exhaust and upgrades

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    apriliaforum prov-nov
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    This is the current discussion Im having to see whats the best suited 70cc pipe to put on to the bike at the moment , as you can see there are a few to choose from like Kaldis says look for the DB050 engine and the cc that you are installing.

    For the euro 4 its just emissions, there's a whole bunch of pipes and a regulator valves that goes from the exhaust to the engine and back to the air box. All of this can be removed! and the air box plugged up and the same goes for any off takes to be closed off.
    When I started this I was a bit nervous of messing things off and unsure if the bike would work properly, but now ive done it it seems fine.

    speak soon cheers

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    Hi guys
    that is the confirmation I needed thanks kaldis.
    and now ... what opinion do you have of yasuni r2 exhaust? Could it be a good option?
    Can it fit well with the 70cc metrakit cylinder kit?
    If you do not have any negative opinion, I think that is my chosen one.
    thanks for everything!!

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    You can choose Yasuni R2 or R3 depending on your setup/needs. They are pretty great exhausts. You can just fit it on without any mods. R2 has thr powerband lower, the R3 has it higher. If you want to build later an 80cc setup then go for the R3. If you dont then go for the R2.

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    I run a R2 on my setup... good street kit. Generally good, through all RPM ranges, but the bike is geared for higher top speed (opposed to low end acceleration).
    I'm planning a sportier build this spring, and will add a R3 to the build (planning a 86cc TP kit, with 24/28 mm carb)
    =My Iron Maiden=
    1999 Aprilia RS50
    Doppler endo crank
    Barnett Clutch
    Stage6 24mm PWK clone w/powerjet
    Pre-mixing Trick 101 octane / Motul 800 @38:1
    Top Performance 8 petal Reed Block w/ Stuffer
    Top Performance TPR aluminum, 50 mm piston, 1 ring
    Yasuni R2 Carbon Exhaust
    13/43 final gearing
    AF1 spring upgrade & 'Martin77 / Mattology' preload adjusters
    DNM 'MT-Bag' 3 way adjustable rear shock absorber
    Mitas MC50 tyres
    Brembo RCS 14 front master / NG rotors / Ferodo pads

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