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Thread: MV1090rr rider jumps ship

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    MV1090rr rider jumps ship

    I live in Northern Ireland (small place blocks the shitty weather from the UK) after review upon review I decided to buy a 1090rr had a courier ship it from Norwich and it looked a dream.
    i headed out on my first outing and took an instant dislike I thought the throttle was really snatchy which was leaving me a tad insecure reminded me of my ex wife looked sexy but would kick you in the nuts if you spoke a word out of turn.
    Now own Tuono 1100 factory, makes me happy am single

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    Why do the loudest stereos belong to people with the worst taste in music?

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    nice. i'd like to meet the ex.

    2015 Red Caponord #64
    2008 Mana Grey #81, hyperpro springs and shock, gpr furuore, rigid lights, bark busters, kaoko throttle lock, puig touring screen

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    Quote Originally Posted by dadsafrantic View Post
    nice. i'd like to meet the ex.
    Someone actually likes to get kicked in the nuts? That's a first.


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