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Thread: Panniers&topcase locks

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    Panniers&topcase locks

    Got givi maxia52 on the bike, and fetched her 2nd hand original panniers. Now i wonder is it possible to get 3 locks to use them with one key? Has anyone converted them to one key set?

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    I ran into this issue several years ago when I lost my only luggage key. The Capo locks (at least on mine and a number of others) are such that the Givi keys will not fit. If you look at the "head-on" profile of the tip of the key, the ridge that runs down the side of the key is opposite on the Capo from the Givi (I'm not talking about the jaggies on the edge of the key). Theoretically it's possible to swap cylinders but, to my knowledge, no one has bothered doing it. Thule makes cylinders that are similar to both Givi and Capo that can actually be re-keyed. At one point I had a set of the Thule cylinders and was going to try swapping them out on the Capo panniers but never managed to find the time or motivation. (I ended up finding an excellent locksmith who could duplicate my missing key using a key blank from some brand of danish furniture.)
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