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Thread: Problems with my 2005 Caponord

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    Problems with my 2005 Caponord

    Hi There, I am looking for some help as I get a little desperate.
    I own a 2005 caponord and recently I had a short circuit which burned 4 ground cables, after recitfying the Issue the bike run well.
    After a few weeks my bike started to miss fire when the engine gets warm and the EFI light does not come on.
    Could this be the ECU who suffered from this short circuit? The 4 ground cabels go to one groundcable under the tank and the other end to the rectifier as I wrote before they where totaly melted.
    Any one a Idea what it could be?

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    Voltage regulator may be fried, had one on a Capo last week, test with NEW or known good battery, measure voltage before start, during warmup. Mine went up to 19V at warmup idle...not good. Not shocking battery, coils, regulator and a few other electrical items were fried crisply
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    Thanks Mica for your reply.
    i bought a new ECU, regulator and new wire loom and will try this. I was very lucky to find this stuff cheap, so its worth a try.

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