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Thread: Wiring diagram with good resolution Sportcity 250?

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    Wiring diagram with good resolution Sportcity 250?

    Hey there,

    Does anyone have Sportcity 250 Workshop manual that has wiring diagram with good resolution or just the diagram itself that has clear picture?
    The one I downloaded here somewhere is so blurry that it is useless, all the other pages are clear but wiring diagram pages are blurry.

    My problem is that after two week holiday I tried to start my Sp and the battery was empty, worked ok before the holiday.
    So I thought the battery was gone and bought a new one and of course scooter started ok but then I looked the voltage on display and it was only 11.5v.
    I also measured voltage directly from the battery and it showed the same, 11.5v.
    Revving the engine does nothing to voltage reading.

    I took floor panel off and checked all the connections between battery, voltage regulator, fuses, etc. etc, and they were all fine.
    So, it is not charging ok.
    I admit I was too anxious to get it fixed and I ordered a new voltage regulator right away, I have had voltage regulator fails with 50cc scooters way back ago and I thought it could be the regulator causing the problem.
    I did not remember that if regulator is gone it usually gives over voltage not under and I am afraid the problem might be somewhere else.
    It is gonna take some time the regulator to get here in Finland so I thought I would measure the voltage from the magneto but without the wiring diagram it is impossible.

    Also, if anyone has any ideas where look for the problem all help is welcome. (sorry my broken english)

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    It's obvious that the Voltage regulator isn't putting out the power. Is the stator sending it the correct power? Find the wire running from the stator and pull that plug test the AC voltage from found to the connectors. Should be around 60VAC when the engine is revved. If you get that then work your way back and see if you find a bad connection.
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    Ok, now I tested the stator, on the idle it gave about 20ac and when revving about 60-70ac, so I think it is ok.
    I found "how to test voltage regulator diodes" on Youtube and following that I also tested my regulators diodes and they seem to be fine.
    So, I am little bit confused whats wrong, why is it not charging, only 11.5 out of regulator.

    Of course I admit that I do not understand horse`s ass about scooter electronics as you can see and so I don`t know can there be something else besides
    the diodes broken in the regulator.
    Certainly hope so.
    This just came to the worst possible time this error, that`s why I am so nervous with this situation.
    Taking scooter to the dealer is no option for me, gotta handle these problem by my self.
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