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Thread: 200 speedometer contact

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    200 speedometer contact

    My speedometer has not been working for over a year. I tried checking it out but really didn't know which way top go. I would like to contact Aprilia and ask for some direction, but their website is treacherous to say the least...definitely designed to keep me out. Does anyone have an email of someone who might be knowledgeable? If so mine is I posted here when it first occurred, but no replies.

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    I usually start by pulling the headset and then the cable from the bottom of the speedometer. With the tab that goes in the speedometer sticking out of the cable I spin the front wheel. If the tab turns then the problem is in the speedometer. Open the speedometer and spin the part that the tab sits in and see what's going on. If the tab doesn't turn go to the wheel and disconnect the speedo cable and see if the tab is sticking out there, sometimes the cable will start to slide out. Then turn the tab and see if the one at the top is spinning. If it is spinning then the problem is in the puck on the wheel. If not then the cable is broken. If its all good to this point make sure the puck is seated properly and look inside as you spin the tire and see if the gear inside is turning. As a last resort pull the puck out and find what's broken.

    A couple of months ago I had a rash of bad speedometers and they were all solvable with this trouble shooting. Sometimes its as simple as tightening the cable on both ends or replacing it. On the LX50 I rebuilt it was opening the speedometer and turning it then putting it back together. I did have one that the part in the wheel was broken so it wasn't turning the puck. I put it back together and walked away, the scooter never went much faster than 30mph any way. Just take your time and start at one end and work your way to the other.
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