Hello All,

I have a 2003 BV200 which developed coolant gurgling at the coolant tank.

I diagnosed (or misdiagnosed it) it as a cylinder head gasket malfunction. I changed the head gasket. I used part no. 829265 Head gasket leader 200 4V. Reassembled it and the engine started right up. Now I have what appears to be valve train noise. Is the gasket too thin? it's a OEM part.

I was never able to determine exact top dead center as I couldn't find a viewing window for the flywheel marks. I determined TDC using a probe (wood dowel) and feeling for the highest point of piston travel. I did match the marks at the cylinder head. What's the proper procedure to positively have the piston at TDC?

While I had the head out I did notice that the piston had (2) circular indentations, I thought it was some type of cylinder design but now I think it's valves hitting the cylinder (I've attached pics)

I am unsure if I assembled the counterweight and its associated parts correctly. Could that be the noise?

I have the factory manual but I could find the "viewing window" does anyone know its location. I looked on both sides of the engine. Took the belt cover off and the water pump lower oval hole cover.

Thanks for any help.