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Thread: Best way to take off with RSV4 '17, launch control or no?

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    Best way to take off with RSV4 '17, launch control or no?

    Hi guys,

    anyone here has experience what's better way to start a race with RSV4 2017? It might sound silly but had only one start and didn't had a chance to compare it with the other bikes what would be a better solution.

    I'm riding RSV4 2017 with race ecu and sc project CR-T, -1 on the front, everything else is stock.

    Been on several trackdays this year and finished my first race two weeks ago, so i'm prepping up for the next one which is in july. My question is should i take off with launch control or it's faster if you just do it without it??

    Also please let me know how do you take off with/without launch control, rpm's, TC settings etc.


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    Used to 250cc 2 strokes, or should I say since then,
    always launched manually

    the RC30 had a really high 1st gear, which was tricky
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    Launch control!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GixxerMKD View Post
    My question is should i take off with launch control or it's faster if you just do it without it??

    Also please let me know how do you take off with/without launch control, rpm's, TC settings etc.

    Firstly I'm with rsnet & das134, old school so just use my judgement, however I don't race any more & have not tried LC in a pressure situation, only tested for fun.

    In LC setting 1, after activating Launch control by holding the (+) & (-) silver buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds then Launch or L (depending on dash selection) will display on screen.
    Pull clutch in & select 1st gear;
    Open the throttle all the way & engine revs will go to 10,000 rpm & ECU will prevent it from going higher & will prevent front wheel going too high. This is not based on wheelie control, AWC can be set to off & ALC will still stop big wheelie to promote fast acceleration.
    When you release the clutch, just feed it in with feel, without dumping it & not so much slip that you burn the clutch.
    Then change gear when ready with throttle pinned no clutch (QS), ALC will Deactivate automatically by closing the throttle or changing to a gear higher than second or exceeding 160km/h (~100m/h) or kill switch or ignition off.

    There are a couple of drag racers on here that should chime in & give you the best feed back.

    Personally I would take off the same with or without LC apart from with LC you can pin the throttle & just feed the clutch in letting the electronics keep the front wheel down.
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    Sounds like a good excuse to go to a drag strip!

    There are different levels of launch control. Start on 3 and move down. I found I get better launches using level 3 and letting the clutch out faster than I am using level 1.

    Also, be kind to your engine and gradually open the throttle until you hit 10k. If you just twist to the stop too fast it will zing up to redline before settling in.

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    I’m gonna test my launch control next race weekend and hopefully it will give me good results. Nothing like a crappy start to begin the race and have to fight your way back to the front.
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    I used to be a very good starter with my Old Mille (generally took 2 to 3 rows!), but with my RSV4 I'm happy to keep my spot. I've tried launch control several times under race conditions, this happened so far:
    - AWC was off so I've made a giant Wheelie and lost 20 positions (from 19 to 39);
    - Also put your ALC on 1 instead of 3 -> with ALC 3 my bike only could do 10.000 rpm in 1st gear so if you don't expect this you're not prepared to shift. Lost 10 places
    - Works also in the rain! -> many people got nervous when I had full throttle at the start in soaking conditions P5 to P1 at the start!

    Unfortunately I didn't find the sweet spot yet with my 2011 Factory APRC - maybe next year!

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    Learn to use LC, your clutch will thank you. Dont know if I will ever be able to adapt, so I just plan on a new clutch every 4 - 6 starts

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