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Thread: Decat or not to decat

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    Decat or not to decat

    Ok guys . Do u notice much difference in the bike after getting the decat . Is it worth it really options please before I go down the road of decating the bike

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    In terms of sound?


    Performance? I think you're going to see a negligible gain unless you also do the exhaust.

    Might be more worthwhile to just cut the cat part out of your pipe and turn it into a straight pipe. Should save some money.

    Hopefully someone with a stock setup + decat can chime in on here to give you a more specific outcome.

    You "should" get less heat from the decat, but personally I've noticed more heat though my bike runs wayyyy too lean so that's a given.

    sidenote: Lean on my bike is from airbox mods, DNA filter, AND full exhaust system. You should be fine with just a decat or a decat + exhaust I believe.
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    I agree. I think the lean condition comes from changing all 3 items: decat, exhaust, and intake filter. There are some rather involved tuning options to fix that though. I chose to keep the cat because of that, as well as a couple of other reasons.

    First, I got the sound I wanted from the slip-ons (and I also have the DNA air filter). I have heard sound clips from decat+exhaust, and think it sounds too raspy with both. Changing out the muffler achieves a large weight savings, and a nice clean bass note.

    Second, I live in California, and think it is a possibility my state will require emission equipment inspections on bikes soon, at least in some counties. I don't want to drive off buyers from San Francisco or L.A. some day because the bike won't pass muster in their areas...not that I'm planning to sell anytime soon. I love this bike.
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