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Thread: A couple of electrical/wiring questions

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    A couple of electrical/wiring questions

    First- I am in the process of installing a Sparkbright battery monitor, and in keeping with advice from Karl over at moto-abruzzo, I want to wire it into the switched live in the ignition relay. My problem is I am having a hell of a time getting the spade out of the plug for the relay. Am I correct in thinking that to remove it, I use a flathead screwdriver from the back of the socket, where the wire/spade go in, to depress a spring inside and then just pull it out? I was sure I was hitting the spring properly, I could even hear it click when I would take out the screwdriver, but it wouldn't budge. Any advice?

    Second- I also installed a USB charger, and thinking myself clever, I thought I would simply utilize the accessory outlet wires going under the seat (I have a mk1 capo, so no extra accessory wires behind the dash). Unfortunately, I didn't read the schematic properly and didn't realize this wasn't switched, and the charger has an led thats always on. Does anyone have a recommendation for a place to wire this in that would be switched, or is my best bet just to install a switch int he dash?


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    Second - Probably easier if you just stick a relay in line so that it only powers up with the ignition on and motor running. Do check behind the screen as I'm pretty sure there is a unplugged connectr in there that Aprilia put in to attached the official heated grips accesory too. Recall it is a white two pin connector.
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