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Thread: Standard airbox or foam/pod airfilter

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    Cool Standard airbox or foam/pod airfilter

    Airsal sport 50 top end
    Tecnigas gbox spanny, un-restricted
    Dellorto phbg19 carb.

    Standard airbox or pod/foam filter?

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    Im using the Polini blue pod filter, I think this is awesome, just because of the sound. BUT I would stick with the standard airbox with the 19mm carb. The standart airbox provides enough air for the 21mm too, you could use with the 24mm too (just mod the standart airbox a littlebit). So I would stay at the standard airbox. You don't need to clean it weekly the airfilter. The standard is way better, and it stops way more dust, so yeah.

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    Standard airbox each and every time. I ran a 70cc top end with a 21mm carb. The stock airbox worked perfectly.
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