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Thread: Dorsoduro panniers

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    Dorsoduro panniers

    Hi guys its been a while since i have been on the forum . I have a rsvr and i just got myself a 2018 Dorsoduro . I plan on taking the bike to Spain next month after its first service . I need a set of panniers for the bike. I have seen on ebay there is givi ones for just over 300 pounds . Can someone tell me if they fit the bike without and drilling or cutting away any of the bike . And does any of the givi pannier frame rub against the bike ... or does anyone have any info on any other panniers to get as i can only see the givi ones and the gen Aprilia ones .... thanks guys

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    I could use info also. I've a dd 900 and last trip away had luggage bungeed to grab handles which left me sitting way forward on the one spot to kill my arse.

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    look on the 750 pages. Lot's of stuff over there.

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