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Thread: New to forum - looking to buy Piaggio Liberty 150

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    New to forum - looking to buy Piaggio Liberty 150

    Hello, my name's Olivier, I'm new to this forum (and to buying motorcycles/scooters :-D).

    I recently got my motorcycle license and am looking to buy a Liberty to commute to work. Finding them in my area (Baltimore/DC) is not super easy, there are only two dealerships that have them in my area. I'm trying to figure out what a reasonable OTD price would be. I'm basing it on a ~$2,999 unit price, but now I'm seeing a dealership down in VA that has a sale on two of them for $2,499 instead of $2,999, which surprises me because they'd essentially be taking a loss on them and these are 2018 models, so I'm puzzled... are the 2018 models last year's model or something?

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    Piaggio currently has a sale on the Fly 150 at $2499 so I wonder if the dealer is confused or just have a great deal. The list on the 50 is $2399 so $2499 is a great deal for the 150.
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    Yeah. When you add up all the fees the OTD price is in the $3,400 range with that sale. I'm thinking they probably recoup the price by lowering some of the fees... So I'm thinking that $3,400 is probably a good OTD price overall, even when not on sale...

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