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Thread: What should a SC 250 battery gauge read?

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    What should a SC 250 battery gauge read?

    I dug my 2009 SportCity out of winter storage and she fired right up on first touch of the starter button, just like she does every Spring after a winter on a battery tender. Love that bike!
    It set me to thinking of what should the battery gauge on the dash read when you switch the key on before starting the bike? This bike turns on the headlight with the key in the 'on' position, which I wonder if it will lower the voltage reading. I have read that a good battery should read 12.6 - 12.8V fully charged. My second hand scooter with an unknown battery history has never read that high on the dash gauge with the motor off.

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    I think you probably won't see anything that high, with the engine off you have load from the lights, ignition, injection etc. on the battery. You probably need to measure on a stand alone battery to see that high numbers.

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    Measure it with a volt meter at the battery terminals or at the accessory socket in the glove box with the key in the off position.

    If you do not have a volt meter you can subscribe to Harbor Freights email adverts and should in short time get a coupon for a free meter with a purchase. Buy something cheap like spare batteries or a $1 item that you normally would buy anyway. My daughters go through enough sanding sponges and disposable paint brushes that I make sure to take advantage of one of the free coupons when replacing those consumables.

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