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Thread: Anybody a CBX expert?

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    Anybody a CBX expert?

    I have just purchased a slightly ratty 1980 CBX. I was wondering if there are many other CBX owners on the forum. I would like to do a "resto mod" on it; upgrade suspension and brakes etc, with period correct parts where I can. Sort of in the style of this... If anybody wants to talk "CBX", send me a note.

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    A common weakness of the CBX, CB900F, and CB750F of that era was connecting rods that would, in the words of a noted Honda tuner, "fold like paperclips" if you tried to boost power very much.

    I know from experience that a CBX won't stop for sweet F-A if the past owner sprayed WD-40 on its discs to "prevent rusting", and that approaching a red traffic light and busy Santa Barbara intersection at 50mph is not a good time to find out she likes to keep rollin'...

    Resto-mods like Begg's are super cool! They do forego some period-correctness to benefit from modern componentry like suspension, brakes, and tires. What I really like about his is he maintains a strong resemblance to AMA Superbikes of the early Eighties.

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    Check these fellows....
    When I was in GA, this was the place for CBX, about 10 miles from my house..

    Tims International Motorcycle Supply Inc
    4800 Atlanta Hwy, Alpharetta, GA 30004
    (770) 475-5550

    See ya

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    I know nothing - however I wholly support your idea!

    Ever since I saw this video (and several of its ilk), I have wanted to do exactly what you describe.

    I recommend 6-into-6 pipes. I sounds like a vintage Ferrari!

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    Pix please.
    Jap bikes suck.

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    The sound is glorious. I've worked on a few CBX Hondas. Concentrate your restomod work on ease of service and access, you can thank me later, much later.
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    Cool bike. I've always wanted to restore one. They look like a beast to ride.

    Any photos?

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    See if you can find a MotoMartin frame anywhere. Their CBX was magnificent and went as well as it looked. I only rode one once. A bit of wee came out........

    Professional Goat Burster.

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    I had one back in the early 80's. Whatever exhaust system you have or intend to fit, make sure it seals properly at the headers as they (CBX's) are prone to burning the exhaust valves. Good luck with the project and please post us up some photos.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	cbx0001.jpg 
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    I'm not an expert but I had one when I was a mad 18 year old, learned to do wheelies and standing burn outs on it and I am just finishing a restoration on one so here we go:

    As mentioned, don't up the power unless you also uprate the rods. Upping the power isn't easy because of the very short stroke and very big bore, gas flow is a bitch. The clutch is up to just about any amount of abuse. There has been much said about the handling mostly because people think the forks and swing arm are too flimsy (they are). If the forks are in PERFECT condition and the plastic swing arm bushes are changed for needle rollers the CBX is up for some serious scratching (well, enough to use up all the ground clearance). The rear shocks should be changed to quality replacements, don't need to be too fancy as most of us don't know how to adjust damping properly anyway. Hagon make a good replacement that don't overheat as much as the standard FVQ units. A bit of flex isn't necessarily a bad thing as it becomes your suspension when leaned over, a good steering damper is a VERY good thing though.

    The standard 105 BHP is actually about 80 RWHP so it's not going to set the world alight if you compare it to modern sports bikes but the torque is good and that's what gets you to 130mph.

    CBX problems seem to be cam chain and tensioners, I don't understand why Honda can't design a reliable chain and tensioner for their bikes when they have always been four stroke and Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha seem to be able to do it even though they have their roots in two strokes. Fourth gear wears out, particularly on the early bikes. Alternator brushes wear out because Honda cant machine anything smooth. You will never have perfectly balanced carbs (get used to it) which will make the clutch rattle, this can be reduced with either a pro link clutch or a kit from
    which will damp it down a bit. A lot of people say change the oil every 1000 miles, I say fit a bigger sump (Tims CBX) and a bigger oil cooler and change every 2500 miles. When I was a kid I changed oil when I felt like it and don't remember any adverse effects, this is probably because I used the bike every day unlike collectors who use theirs every 6 months.

    When the CBX was launched Honda said the bike had such good brakes that it was for expert riders only, this is marketing speak for "THE BRAKES ARE CRAP".

    Maintenance is a pig, just about everything involves at least tilting the engine. Including little things like changing the throttle cable.

    So lots of bad about CBX's but they are the only bike Honda gave any character to and that's what keeps it interesting and the reason why I have one.

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    I'm not an expert but this bike is nice. I saw it one time at the Hallett circuit. So if you need any inspiration:Click image for larger version. 

Name:	spondon_cbx.jpg 
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    one of the guys from which i picked up a 750 Turbo last month had this gem in his garage also (along with a CX500 Turbo) that looks sweetly modified:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrflanne View Post
    That is pretty cool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by matty-matt View Post
    one of the guys from which i picked up a 750 Turbo last month had this gem in his garage also (along with a CX500 Turbo) that looks sweetly modified:
    Now that looks like one seriously beautiful CBX - exactly my type of resto-mod !!!

    Love it.

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