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Thread: Blast from the past

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    apriliaforum expert northern phil's Avatar
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    Durham U.K.
    Hi guys,
    Im still here, but no Fut now. Got capo and tuono.

    Nice to see some of the older regulars on here.

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    apriliaforum expert rblue02's Avatar
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    Jul 2003
    Blueridge GA, USA
    Still here and perhaps the Fut will hit 100K miles this year,
    but other rides share the miles.

    Original coils, but new plug wires.
    New water pump, but original clutch.
    Original calipers, but new everything else for stopping.
    Original tired old rear damper, but forks are RT revalve.
    Third regulator, second stator.... ;-)
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    '02 Futura, Blue
    100,000 miles !

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    Cool to see all the replies and different people

    I would love a Harley but don't have room / justification for both, and after owning the Futura for about 12 years I don't feel I can ever sell it. I've had some ace memories on it, including a trackday at cadwell, and it's still a brilliant bike

    Live Forever or Die Trying
    Live forever or die trying

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    I still have my 02 Ash Black Fut that I purchased new in Virginia in 03. After 55,000 miles, I still like the darn thing. I'm putting it through a mini overhaul now. Awaiting a new shock. Disassembled the entire rear axle assembly. I was surprised and a very happy Fut owner when the axle easily slipped from through eccentric! Took the king bearing apart to inspect it and put some fresh grease in it. There was a small "scar" of sorts in the outer race causing me to consider buying a replacement to have on hand should it eventually fail. I had been reluctant to take that bearing apart, but glad i did when I found that. The cush drive had never been touched and was still very tight. I'll keep a closer eye on that whole assembly in the future, and perform an annual maintenance on it every winter. The forks are next on the list along with fresh fluids, seals, and bushings for the first time. I just picked up a used Harbor Freight motorcycle lift for $75 so it will go on that as soon as I can get the rear wheel back on an rolling. I'm getting tired of sitting on the garage floor and bending over all the time.

    The fuel disconnect failed (leaked) all over the parking lot of a cafe near Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course while attending an AMA Superbike event way back when. Thankfully, Bob Davis was there to take me down to a hardware store where we found some brass tube fittings to repair the fuel line. That was a fairly new problem back in those days. I replaced it when i got home with a brass petcock off the shelve at a John Deere tractor dealership. It's been on there ever since. I did the wiring mod early on. Still running the original coils, stator, and rectifier. Changed the plugs once a long time ago for no good reason. Replaced the clutch slave with an aftermarket one. Can't remember which manufacturer. Installed an HID headlamp at one of Bob Davis's mod parties. It still works great, but thinking of replacing it with an LED. Replaced the horn with a louder one that sounds like a car or something. Had to put a zip tie on the steering stop to keep the horn button off the fuel tank. Need to trim the rear rubber fuel tank bumpers to get an easier fuel tank fit. Installed a BMW plug for a heated vest and accessories. I have done the FPR mod, but haven't installed the 05 map yet. Just beginning to learn how to use TuneECU as await delivery of the required cables.

    This forum has been a valuable resource for tech support for me over the years. I've met some great folks at the Indiana gatherings at Bob's house, and another gathering near Nashville hosted by Dugkim. Good times. Some are still around on this forum, and others have moved on. I'm planning a trip to the isle of Man TT in 2020, and trying to add on a visit to England after the races. Searching for a motorbike rental for the trip as well. It would be nice to meet some Fut owners while I'm there.
    Walt Steele

    '02 Ash Black Futura (Wilbers, derestricted, wiring mod, FPR mod, HID headlamp, John Deere not-as-quick disconnect, Powerlet, hugger)
    '18 Royal Enfield Himalayan
    '67 Triumph TR6R

    ďSome people will tell you that slow is good Ė but Iím here to tell you that fast is better. Iíve always believed this, in spite of the trouble itís caused me. Being shot out of a cannon will always be better than being squeezed out of a tube.Ē Hunter S. Thompson

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    Good to see another TN Futura rider. Give me a shout if your ever coming up to ride the Skyway or the The Dragon sometime.

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