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Thread: Battery draining 😩

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    Battery draining 😩

    Battery Iíve got is a chrome S Pro (has a built in Volt reader) not the greatest but does the job. Itís about 6 months old, got it as my last battery died and first instinct was to buy a new one rather than diagnose another issue, put it in forgot to put it on trickle charger next day dead.
    So something is draining my battery...fully charged back in the bike with multimeter attatched turn keys in ignition lights come on but volts drop rapidly and battery dischages to the point where it canít turn over the bike.

    So Iíve done some digging around, tested the battery with a multimeter as didnít 100% trust the batteryís built in display, and the battery is fine showing good volts and can turn the bike over so the batteryís power is good. Kept the multimeter connected to battery and turned key in ignition, volts plummeted and battery began to drain, charged the battery up and disconnected a few of the obvious connections (indicators, headlight, tail light, regulator), checked fuses (all fine) with multimeter attached turned key in ingnition, and a slight drop in volts as youíd expect but it was steady, re connected the connections one by one, as soon as the headlight was reconnected...voltage dropped and battery began to rapidly discharge. Any thoughts/help and remedies? Thanks 👍🏼

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    Junk battery.
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    Need to measure the AMPs being drawn. Low beam headlamp is 55 watts so at 12v the draw should be around 4.5 to 5 amps no more. I'm going to guess that the battery is 10AH. A decent battery should be able to supply that for 1.5 to 2 hours. So if you're not pulling any more current then 5 amps and your battery is going dead that quickly then as kz said "junk Battery".
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    It's odd that it has enough power to crank the bike but not run the headlight. A draw big enough to kill a battery while you watch it is going to blow the fuses or burn the wires to the headlight long before any appreciable affect to the battery itself which leads me to the same conclusion as KZ but the ability to crank the motor would suggest otherwise...
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