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Thread: 24 hours spare in Miami mid Jan - what to do?

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    24 hours spare in Miami mid Jan - what to do?

    OK, so reaching out to you guys on the other side of the pond for some advice.
    I'm having to attend a conference in Miami Jan.'18, will be flying in late afternoon on Sat.13th & meetings don't officially start until the Monday morning, 15th.
    So what are the 'must do/should do' while I have the spare little bit of spare time.
    I won't have transport as we will be based at the Marriott for the whole week, but maybe there is a local bike store/bar or something I could visit for a bit of culture?
    Is there a cafe somewhere close buy where you guys ride from on a weekend I could get to and soak up the atmosphere and check-out some of the bikes ??

    Thanks in advance.
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    I've never lived in the Miami area, but since no one else has said anything, I'll throw this out there:

    If you want to do any actual riding, then perhaps you could rent a moto and ride down to Key West. It's a long way down there (around 100 miles) and I have no clue what the conditions would be like, but it's worth considering. About 25 years ago I drove about half way from Key Largo down toward Key West, but ran out of time and had to turn back.

    Good Luck

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    Don't know how many Futura guys are from FL. Might post the question in the "Off Topic" section.

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    I know there are a few Pegasos running around in that area.
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