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Thread: What is up with the windshield?

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    What is up with the windshield?

    I canít believe I have to ask this question, but is there some trick to installing the stock windshield on a 2017 RSV4? I removed it without difficulty to install a usb plug, and when I went to screw it back on I found it basically impossible to get it back into position. I can tell there is a strange piece of rectangular metal jutting out from the inside of the fairing on either side and itís not totally clear what the shieldís relationship to those is supposed to be. Going under them makes the shield not properly come up to meet the fairing, but trying to slide above them means the shield gets stuck about half an inch or an inch away from the position where itís supposed to screw in and I canít move it any farther.

    Anyone know what Iím missing with what should be a dead-simple task?

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    those bottom two holes of the screen have "pins" from the back of the upper that go in the middle, my guess is you are hitting them above or below the hole, and not in them

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    Dead simple....should be

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    This is the kind of thing I thought only happened to me so although I cannot help with your dilemma and hope you get it resolved this thread made me feel %1 better about

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    Since we're on the subject...
    Do the windshields come with stickers?

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