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Thread: Shift Peg / Brake Pedal (Installing Rubber Pad AKA Toe Lever Rubber)

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    Shift Peg / Brake Pedal (Installing Rubber Pad AKA Toe Lever Rubber)

    Hello All!

    I searched the forums and didn't find any useful information that would answer this question so I am posting it here.

    I am replacing the rubber pad on my brake pedal (Pictures below)

    Brake / Clutch Pedal Part Number: 8121221
    Brake / Clutch Pedal Rubber Pad Part Number: 8120912

    My question is.

    I am having a VERY hard time getting the rubber pad to fit over the peg.

    Can anyone who has done this before lend a tip or a trick? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Put the peg in the freezer, and the rubber in a pot of boiling water, then try. Sounds funny, but it works.
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    no need for freezer, just drop rubber in hot water for a few seconds.
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    I put on some clear tygon tubing so that it does not stain my other than motorcycle boot/shoe.
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    This thing is the worst to install. I think I actually used a vice to hold the rubber, and then shoved the piece onto it.

    If I didn't have my aftermarket rearsets I would just order toepegs without the rubber it's such a hassle.

    Though, hot water may have made it easier as andyL suggested.
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    This was a real bugger. Hot water helped, but it cools quickly on the lever, so I kept some water handy. I was confident because I'd done a kick start rubber the same way, but this was something else with the internal ribbing and the lip on the peg! Freezer might help since the fit is very tight as a result. Any lubrication will inevitably get onto your hands as well. I fitted the peg to the bike first, then put the rubber on - be careful not to bend anything if you do it this way.
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    I think I used to see bicycle shops and places like that use isopropyl/rubbing alcohol to help. A quick internal wipe with a swab and then it should slide on and then evaporate cleanly.

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