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Thread: How smooth is your Futura running

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    I don't recall suffering particularly badly, but a few tips from other clubs I was in went like this.

    A "bar snake" designed for the long handlebars, not clip ons, but is a rubber / mastic type compound which fits through the inside and helps to absorb any resonant frequencies. Doesn't stop them at source or remove them, it's more a change to the frequency and dulls them. Some guys just put a few runs of mastic round the inside of the clip ons via the open end. A bit like sound proofing a music studio.

    "Tennis racket rubber grip" one length bought at most sports stores wrapped round the grips (does 2) changes the diameter for a more relaxed grip, absorbes the vibes VERY well, but, of course, negates the heated grips in winter though it's easily removed.

    Hand guards - deflectors which I fitted to the master cilynders purely for reducing wind chill at speed or in winter, but I was a strictly function over form guy. Not pretty but darn effective, the best addition I made. It may be, as its just your pinkie, that the cold is a bigger contributing factor than you realise, or it may not.

    Change the bar height (if you haven't already) I used a 6mm spacer BEF had, I tried it out with 6mm allen keys clamped under the clip-ons and it did add a little comfort, but it wont for everyone, it all depends on your own height and preferences but it will take a little weight off your arms.

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    Does anyone notice a difference in vibration after synching the throttle bodies? I only ask because I notice a huge difference in vibration on my old Moto Guzzi after I balance the carburetors. In fact, I try to specifically balance the carbs in the rev range that I most often cruise at to have as smooth a ride as possible.

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    My Falco has at times been so smooth that I thought the engine had died. That was after a sync by a good mechanic and with still, cool air when there's no wind. I live in the windy netherlands and engine is noticeably rougher when riding in very windy conditions.

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    Age, gloves and cuffs.

    My fingers--RH pinky especially--get notably more tingly in the cold when wearing tighter gloves, especially if they're cinched snugly around restrictive cuffs and layered long sleeves of cold-weather gear.

    Throttlemeister helps a little, but very little as it's impractical to keep it locked.

    Unrestricted bloodflow fixes it for me.
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