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Thread: Code issues

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    Code issues

    Hello! New UK member here. My Manas battery was low and a friend offered to charge it up. His enthusiasm was such that he started without me and disconnected a terminal. Id hoped hed not do this as I suspected thered be some code issue or other and I was right. It now wont start. Have tried the code on my key fob but that is 6 digits whereas Im asked for only 5. I also tried changing from 00000 to another code but no joy. Help, pretty please!! Thank you!

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    Disconnecting the battery should cause no issues beyond loosing the clock settings and the fuel trims. Do you know the bike's user code?

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    Simply disconnecting the battery should not have any effect other than to reset the ECU and zero the clock on the dashboard. If the bike won't start and is asking for a pin then it looks like the immobiliser is not detecting the key. If the pin was changed from the default by the previous owner it should have been supplied with your documents (mine is written in the owners manual). It sounds like everything is working normally, just the immobiliser is preventing start up, or do you have any warning lights on the dashboard or symbols on the LCD display? In some error cases the bike will only start with the side stand retracted so try this to discount it. If it is simply the immobiliser you then need to check continuity of the wiring to the ignition switch. The plug is behind the radiator header tank and has been known to cause problems before so worth giving it a thorough inspection and clean and make sure all the connections are intact.

    Once you get beyond this sort of level you need the diagnostics of a dealer...
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    Yeah, Andy makes a good point. Expand on what you've provided. Do you get a message saying 'Insert your user code'? Or is it just that the dash does its sweep normally and then when you press the starter nothing happens?

    If the former it means the immobiliser antenna is fucked and you need the bike's user code. If it just won't start without any dash message it is probably the brake light switch, (You have to apply the brake as you try to start as there is a safety interlock to prevent you doing something stupid like hitting the starter with the throttle wide open and no brake applied.) Check your brake light is working, if it isn't see if it does with the other brake you aren't using and apply that and see if it'll start. Most of these problems are down to crappy switches. All this fear of electronics and thinking stuff can only be fixed by plugging it into some expensive factory tool is utter piffle!

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    I completely agree with Pete on this regarding the electricary .

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