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Thread: Haedlight upside down or right side up?

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    Haedlight upside down or right side up?

    Okay, sorry for this dumb question butt here goes- which part of the headlight assembly is the high beam and which is the low beam? The way my bulbs are is the top portion comes on for low beam and the bottom for high beam. What I experience is that the high beam does not throw light further out in front but lights up more down in front of the bike. Also I see the small safety bulb is located in the bottom portion which I think would normally be with the low beam. While riding I will get people that will flash their lights from time to time. I bought the bike used so I can't be sure of the history. I think I will try switching the wiring to see how it goes but wanted to ask and see how others have their bikes are and there aren't many around to look at. Thanks to all who respond and have a Merry Christmas!!!

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    From memory the bottom part is high beam and is not brilliant. I mounted another light underneath and wired it to the high beam circuit.

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    Everything is correct; however, you may want to lower the aim a bit. I don't know if the previous owner of my Mana adjusted the assembly at all, but I found it too high for both oncoming traffic, and the high beam was also aimed high and somewhat off the road.
    I believe they call the small bulb a "city light", perhaps in some regions the low beam can also be turned off as this bulb is enough for being seen.
    As you have observed, the high beam is a spot light, throwing a tight beam far down the road. Experimenting with a LED bulb with large emitters would probably throw the focus off enough to widen the beam if desired. The reality is some smart people designed the housing for focusing a halogen bulb the right way for brightness, safety, and legal standards. I wouldn't mess with the low beam as a result.
    I have added a couple of stick on 5 Watt LED strip to either side of the radiator to help with being seem and create the important triangle of light. They don't light up the road much, but that was not the point. See attached photo.
    Hope that helps,

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    Tim's photo shows the correct arrangement with dipped/low beam in the upper bucket and main/high beam in the lower one. The pilot bulb is also in the lower bucket. On the GT there is a level adjustment screw on the back of the unit on the left hand side inside the fairing (turn clockwise to raise and anticlockwise to lower the angle of the beams - which reminds me - I have to turn mine down slightly after the latest MOT test).

    When I first had my GT it had the original headlamp bulbs in and they were crap to say the least - couldn't do more than about 40mph in the dark and even that felt like pushing things. I quickly changed them out for Osram Night Racers (a stronger version of Night Breakers designed to withstand the higher vibrations from a bike). Philips and others do equivalent bulbs which are equally good and streets better than the originals.

    You should adjust the low beam so the cut off is just below horizontal.

    If high beam is not aimed correctly further down the road then there is likely something wrong with how the bulb is sitting in its housing. This might be because it is not aligned correctly so the tabs don't fit in the correct slots, or maybe it’s the wrong type of bulb, or the lock spring is missing or even the wiring is pulled tight and pulling it out of alignment. Or a combination....

    LED light bulb swaps have been tried by some, but most are simply not suitable for headlamps and cramming all the electronics into the housing along with the heat sink looks like a pig of a job and will no doubt end up being a bodge in all but the most expert hands. Things are improving with LEDs so never say never, but a poorly fitted swap from previous might also be a cause of your issues.

    Give it all a thorough check over and let us know what you find.
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