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Thread: Highest mileage on scooters

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    Question Highest mileage on scooters

    Hi there!

    I wonder how long a 500 cc scooter engine is expected
    to last if you do all the scheduled maintenance and also
    use it normally as it it supposed to be used?

    It would be interesting to hear real life mileage that
    scooters have achieved (no rumours just facts).

    My Atlantic 500 has now 18000 km (about 11000 miles) on it
    and it feels like a new except the acceleration and top speed (
    163 km/h) is just getting better! I haven't had any kind of problems so far with my Atlantic and it has felt very reliable all the

    Real experiences of high mileage wanted!!

    Greetings from Finland!

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    puolapek - This is somewhat hypothetical because the Atlantic is fairly new to the market but the Piaggio engine is sound. I see no reason just because it's in a scoot it would have a shorter lifespan than a similar engine in a cycle. Many riders in FSSNOC (Four Stroke Singles Owners Club) have well over 100,000 miles on their singles. While most of those are water cooled, I know of at Least one air cooled single 650 with over 80,000 miles and know personally of a 250 single (air cooled ) with over 140,000. Any concern over the longivity of your Atlantic engine is misplaced.
    Richard fssnoc#4368(KS)

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