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Thread: Problems after an accident with my 750 Shiver

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    Lightbulb Problems after an accident with my 750 Shiver

    Hello everyone, From France !
    Few weeks ago I come back from a motorcycle day. It is night I am 15 kms from home when in a straight line on the unlitght road in the countryside at 70-75km / h an unidentified animal of small size (rabbit, cat, ... not had the time of the to identify it. it surprised me?) cuts me off the road. I braked and went directly to the ditch.
    Result: double fracture forearm, operation and now pins ... I did not even fall off the bike but the top of the ditch hit my right arm. All my equipment is intact! Crazy ...
    Regarding the motorcycle, are HS: Dashboard, Handlebar, Master Cylinder front brake + leve ... and some light scratches and plastic a little broken but it remains light.
    I intend to do everything myself but I have got a problem :
    => So I received all my parts, but the problem is
    I plugged in the new dashboard, and when I turn the contact on I am asked directly a Code ... I tried everything nothing works I can not pass this code. (12398, 00000, 11111 ....)
    What to do ? Help me please, I'm stuck there ...
    PS: My bike => Aprilia White Shiver year 2013, 7500 kms. (no ABS)

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    I believe a dealer has to program the new dash. It has to match the key programming.
    2009 Aprilia Dosoduro 750 (Adventurized:

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    Well looks like my moto would have been good again and that is

    Unless its BIG and Hard dont swerve or brake just hit it

    There is normally a lot less damage sustained to the bike or rider than ending up in a ditch or even another vehicle coming the other way

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    This function allows immobilizer manual override through a
    code. In case the instrument panel does not acknowledge
    inserted key, access code is requested with the message:
    Insert the code
    The code should be made of 5 digits, 0 to 9. At line output,
    code will be empty (5 digits equal to 0, i.e. 00000) and will be
    programmed by the user, upon switch-on an alarm message
    should be displayed for 10 seconds, until code is entered:
    Remember to insert your user code
    This code can be changed by the user, in this case the old
    code should be entered and if the user loses the access
    code, it can be changed through a procedure requiring
    insertion of both keys.

    Cant find the procedure thoe for both keys presume they meen the special key think mine is red and the normal key

    But it might be this

    You don't need the dealer...

    If you have working transponder keys, simply access the menu, choose diagnostics, enter the well known 98789 code... (THIS MIGHT BE THE CODE)

    Then choose "Retrieve code" is does not tell you the old code, but it does allow you to change it without knowing the old code...

    Using the same menu "change keys" lets you program new transponder keys if you have at least one working key OR the code...

    If you have no code and no keys you need to replace the dash assembly, not even the dealer can unlock it.

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