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Thread: New issue of Rider magazine has test of 900 Shiver

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    New issue of Rider magazine has test of 900 Shiver

    A few days ago, I received the latest issue of Rider magazine (Jan 2018). They have a test of the 900 Shiver in it. They dynoed it at 80.7 hp at 8200 rpm and 54.5 lb-ft at 6300 rpm. They said that was up from the 750's 77.3 hp and 46.6 lb-ft. The tester did not seem to be impressed with the bike.
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    The 750 has a better specific output, not just in terms of power, but also torque.

    That's very telling of the approach used to produce this 900 - i.e. for learners and low grade fuel.
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