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Thread: Speed sensor

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    Quote Originally Posted by ned View Post
    Yes it works fine.
    Just a quick spin of the back wheel shows 2 mph
    please get in touch if you would like a modded collector,adjustable lock-stops or quick release tank and seat pins

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    Ned or someone else. I need your help. In Dorsoduro 2009 i must connect 1 wire from gear indicator to speed sensor. Can anyone tell me where i can find plug from this sensor? Where is located?

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    Got mine back on the road last friday, quick fix on the headlight height position got me pass on the MOT but the speedo had failed on the way round to garage. tested the sensor and test two showed a fail. Google search brought up the rsv forum and a cheap fix using an inductive proximity sensor. I got one and fitted it through the original housing after drilling it out and it works with the bike on the stand. will test over the weekend and see if its ok and reading right.

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