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Thread: 17. Rr suspension settings

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    17. Rr suspension settings

    Not looking for exact. But a good baseline for my husky 250lb self

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    Hmmm...I am about 225 without gear and I if I remember right, my settings ended up here:


    - Added a half turn preload
    - Compression I think 2 clicks (out) softer than stock
    - Rebound, 5 clicks from full hard


    - Added on full turn of preload
    - Compression in about 1/8 of a turn from stock (harder)
    - Rebound about 4 clicks in (harder) from stock setting.

    The key is getting the rebound set to remove the harshness. In the Chicago area our streets suck and in stock form the bike beat me to death. It rides great for me with these settings but everyone is different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by punisher12b View Post
    Not looking for exact. But a good baseline for my husky 250lb self
    I go about 230lbs and have always set my bikes up with 30mm sag front and rear first, but couldn't get there on the stock forks so I'm thinkin I may need some beefier front springs. Then from there I've been content with the "race" settings from the manual:

    Front forks:
    Preload - all the way in gave me 35mm of sag
    Rebound - 4 clicks out from full in
    Compression - 8 clicks out from full in

    Rear shock:
    Preload 4 full turns in stiffer than stock gave me 30mm of sag
    Rebound 5 clicks out from full in (when laying on back looking up at shock)
    Compression - 1/2 a turn out from full in

    Also really want to pull the forks up another notch through the triples but haven't gotten around to it yet. Looks like I may need to disassemble parts of the fairing to get a torque wrench in there on some of those pinch bolts.
    2017 Tuono RR

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