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Thread: Silly bar-end question

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    Silly bar-end question

    When I bought my '01 Fut a few months ago it came with the standard black Aprilia bar-end on the right side and a brushed steel & red Throttlemeister end on the left side. Basically what you see in the image below - I have the one on the left side of the image and it doesn't do anything special other than look nice, because of course it's on the left side handlebar. The seller also gave me a small box-o-parts that had the other black OEM bar end. (Also, the bike's red, so the red groove in the bar-end matches the rest of the bike.)

    So my options are:

    1) Just ride it as is, with mismatched bar ends.

    2) Remove the Throttlemeister and put the black one back on the left side.

    3) Track down a Throttlemeister throttle lock for the right side and install it. I don't have any immediate plans to do any long-distance highway riding (which is where I assume is where it would be helpful)

    Anyone out there find these things to be worth it for non-touring riding?


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    I had extra heavy bar ends on my falco for a while before I lost one on the highway. Can't remember the brand, bought in the US. They looked nice though. Now have R&G bar ends with those slider pads. They're cheap and look nice. And being stainless, don't rust like OEM ones do.

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    I had a throttle lock for a few years, and since installing heated grips, I have removed the throttle lock. I only found it handy to relieve my right hand or make two handed adjustments to gear. Don't confuse throttle lock for cruise control, as they are two very different things. I would not seek out the rest of the throttle lock, as it would most likely leave you with extra pieces if you were to install a whole kit (left bits). I would just place the factory parts back on so it matched. You could also have the factory ends powder coated to match.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Twinz View Post

    Yep, that's what I have. Not a cruise control by any stretch, but allows hand-off-the-throttle relaxing for short stretches.

    '01 Futura

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    Exactly. Good for fidgeting.
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