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Thread: Automated Vehicles

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    Thats not about to work in the UK for one reason, every idiot who has a hi-tech luxury car sits proudly in a queue in the overtaking lane regardless how slow they go, when they approach the leaving ramp at their destination they peel off crossing all three lanes cutting every other roaduser up, were they to buy one of these type cars and were forced to trundle along with the other monied nobs they'd not be very happy about those of us going about our business overtaking them, its just not cricket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YVRFACTORY View Post
    Where those lanes are available, great, but that is a very limited percentage of roadways. The whole point is they are completely integrated into the normal road system. Otherwise, you're talking about building new infrastructure, which is the impediment to light rail, subway, fast train, etc, etc, etc....
    Most could be restricted to the car pool lane for now which there are plenty of here in the more metropolitan areas in the USA.

    Sad thing about our legacy light rail systems is that in many areas they were pulled out and the right of way sold off in the last quarter of the 20th Century. Most metropolitan areas had light rail before the automobile became popular with the older ones where I grew up North of Boston being horse drawn and then converted to electric with overhead power feeds which also supported electric trolley buses which did not require a track and could steer around obstacles.

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    When I was younger I was afraid I'd die riding. Now that I'm old and falling apart, I'm afraid I won't.

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