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Either bike is good but I would go for the 17. One thing I don't hear many people talk about is the throttle, it is much smoother on the 17 and there is no play in the beginning. Also the downshift is very nice and I use the cruise control a lot because I'm lazy. The TFT is really nice and I hear easier to go through and change settings then the old one. In the end whatever you get will be a good bike, I just prefer the 17 for the track and road.
i have ridden all Factory models on track since 2010, and the ‘17 is something else, as close as you can get with a license plate on it to Factory.

i know the delta from a ‘16 to a ‘17 RF could be up to 8K€ with the discount on old stock.

But a ‘17 RF is closer than my Desmo RR and as good as the RCV @180K to SBK/GP technology, again with a license plate.

if not I can do you a good deal on a ‘16 FW?