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Thread: Latest coil recommendations?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Motech View Post
    No, not a ballast resistor, an internal resistor. Don't know where it's at, never had desire to cut one open, but it's pretty significant if I recall.
    Have you seen a solution like that for any stick coil?
    Seems like a piss-poor design to use a resistor for a stick coil.
    Then the coil and ECM is poorly matched together from the beginning.
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    Well, the primary coil winding has a real resistance as a function of wire diameter and length.
    This resistance is mostly parasitic and would not normally impact primary current until the primary inductance saturates.
    The primary resistance is not normally used to limit coil current. (maybe ancient ign's)
    This is done via dwell timing (called ramp & fire) or by active current limiting at the coil driver.

    Therefore, a better 'coil primary' parameter for finding an alternate coil is max current before saturation.
    Unfortunately, nobody provides this spec.

    It would be great if someone O-scoped the primary current of a CBR coil in a Futura.
    If the primary current charging ramp stays nearly linear, then we would know at least the coil primary
    won't damage the coil driver.
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    Try MagnaCor for wires to hook up the AutoElectric coils as they make specific sets for the Futura and Capo to use these coils directly. Very plug and play and they are the Rolls Royce IMHO of ignition wires. Mine were $85 delivered and their tech line is knowledgeable and will set you strait on what you need. The Tech I talked to knew all about the Ape's with AutoElectric coils. These coils are direct mount to the spark plug normally so the wire end is unique. I am too time short to fool with ignition wire mods to hack a solution. My spare time is better spent fabricating an exhibition laser stop light projector to illuminate to ground behind me with three diffraction grating 30mw lasers to startle the stupid four tire types following me too close.....


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    I see that Magnecor (I think that's who you meant, with an 'e' -- offer those wires in three sizes: 7mm, 8mm, and 8.5mm. What size did you purchase/did they recommend?


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    I believe the Aprilia sets are 8mm maximum as stocked. As I recall the 8.5mm wires are custom order. I bought the largest in stock wire they had.


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    Just checked my purchase records and it was set #2596 for the '01-'07 Capo. That is a 8.5mm wire set. I was mistaken, it is the 10mm that is custom. I stand corrected.


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    Just by way of update. Finally fitted the coils I fettled from a PSA V6.
    They work great, although time will tell how long they last. Combustion feels much tighter and stronger than before so they were clearly playing up and I hadn't even noticed! Suppose that's a handy feature.

    The old coils do just break apart and you can retrieve the copper contact. This presses into place in the new coil easily but needs to be held in place due to different design. I opted for JBweld for now. I'll see how it holds up to the vibration.
    I also used fiat HT leads, which I cut down on the end so that they fit over the shorter coil nose.

    I transferred the plastic LT head of the original coils to the new ones as well. Instead of trying to trim the plastic. That has worked great. And similarly as you need to break the plastic tabs to get the head off I just JBwelded that back on too.
    All taped up with electrical insulation tape now for waterproofing, as I think that's what's killed the old ones.
    Of the 4 used coils I bought, 2 got destructed whilst figuring all this out. So now I'm going to buy 2 brand new v6 coils from ECP, and do the same mods to those. I fitted the 2 good ones I've made to the front cylinder and put it all back together with just 1 old coil running the top plug at the back. It ran pretty well. So with the 2 new ones at the back it'll be spot on and I'll finally be able to ride again.

    Bike has been parked up since November sadly because of this so now I need to give it a once over and get it back on the road for spring. I'm not a fair weather biker by any stretch but part of me is glad it's been off the road because it's been absolutely foul here in South wales lately.

    Goretex or not, I'd have been wet, or sliding on ice lol.

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    I've also just finished replacing the coils. It was easier than I was expecting. I used the tried and tested method of the Citroen/Renault V6 coil as above, but used a 30mm length of threaded copper rod secured with JB weld to the contact at the business end of the coil.

    HT leads from a fiat fit directly and securely on to that and replaced the stiff and crunchy originals. This way you can keep a couple of the old coils as backups as the fiat leads also fit to the standard coils.

    Many thanks to those of you who did the investigation into what fits and how.
    2003 Futura, blue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Motech View Post
    I am in total agreement. There's a reason these systems were designed with diode-suppressed coil primary circuits, and as the ECU pulls that trigger, the diodes are likely to protect it. I shudder to think that all those CBR coil upgrades might be slowly killing the ECU coil drivers, and one day could cause a glut of ECU demand.

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    Yes my dealer quoted $2400.00 for a new ecu

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