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Thread: Naked shootout, Shiver 900 included

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    Naked shootout, Shiver 900 included

    Of course it's hard to say which bike you might prefer without riding them all.

    "At the tail end of our scorecard by just a fraction is the still-estimable Shiver 900, which primarily got penalized by having the highest price, the heaviest weight, and the least amount of horsepower. Taking those objective parameters out of the picture and relying on our subjective scores, the Shiv actually finished a very close second to the victor of this comparison."

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    It's really put on a bit of weight over the 750, around 20 pounds.

    Dyno chart is interesting. It might not make as much torque as the 950 cc Z900, but it doesn't do that much better than the 750 cc GSX-S... Still a very soft tune from Aprilia.

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    I've noticed in their official info, Aprilia keep quoting the stroke as 56.4 mm, which is from the 750, not the 67.4 mm it actually should be to achieve 896 cc...
    And that's another point, if they kept the stroke as 67.8 mm, from the 1200, it would be 901 cc. I wonder why they chose not to.

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