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Thread: Which investment bike?

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    Which investment bike?

    If you had a bit of money that you wanted to invest, and decided a motorcycle was your investment "vehicle" of choice, what bike would you buy? What bike can you buy today and be guaranteed of making money on, long term? Can be a "rider" or display bike, recent or classic.... ideas? And I don't want to hear from all you guys that already have Vincent in the shed..... well ok, I do!

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    SE corner of the NW
    My '99 SV 650. PM me for details.


    '01 Futura

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    Far Eastern Pacific
    Laverda Jota, the original unfaired version with 180-degree crank. And if by chance it did not appreciate the ruckus it makes would be such great consolation!

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    something old...Vincent, Cleveland, Velocette, Matchless, etc.

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    oldham uk and soon gibraltar
    I've over 20 bikes all are a investment in my life some are now werth more than others I think the British bikes have topped out unless you have a Vincent or the like.I think the 80's/ 90's bikes ar where the next rush will be at the moment two stroke bikes are on the up in the uk. I think if you can get hold of a mint gen1 fireblade or r1 they must be standard and as mint as you can get with history helps I think if you lusted after a bike in 25 years it will be a good bet eneything that's a special ie rc30 instead of a vfr750.

    Bikes I'm on the lookout for are
    Honda sp1/ sp2 ( preferably joey donlop led)
    Gen 1 blade ( urban tiger)
    Bimota testi
    Mv agusta 750 sport ( I know where one is and I've 1st dibs)
    Bmw r1100r randy Mamola rep
    Cagiva elefant 750
    Tdr 250

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    Portland, Oregon
    One of the homologated ZX-7s.
    One of the RC-30/45s

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    Austin, TX

    - Tim

    2015 Piaggio Fly 150 - "It's small and white?"
    2016 Aprilia Tuono 1100 Factory - holy crap
    2003 Moto Guzzi California Titanium - DungeonMaster's old steed

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    Expenditure with an uncertain return.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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    Tuono Racing with all the spares. Fantic Chopper 125. Original Fireblade. RD500.

    Never live the same day twice. (My wife nearly pissed her self laughing when she read my signature line, because she reckons she has never met anyone in the whole of her life who hates change more than me) She does have a point .

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    Used to be sunny Durham, now dull and rainy Midlands, England
    In no particular order -

    Yamaha FZ 750, XS 650, RD 350/400 any year, FS1E, FJ 1200 (1TX OR 3CV).
    Honda CB 1100 R (any year), early GL 1000 or first gen Goldwing.
    Kawasaki two stroke triple - any year any size, 250cc - 750cc, first year GPz 550, GPZ 750 Turbo, Z1R TC.
    Suzuki GT 750 and surprisingly (maybe) the RE 5.
    Frantic Caballero 50.
    Ducati Pantah 500 (not the 600's or later models), 900 Superlight.
    Earliest Tricolore Aprilia RSV.
    Triumph Daytona 1200, first gen 900 Speed Triple.

    Also Montessa Cota 248, Maico 440 Magnum; Honda CR 500; Honda TL 125/200; Husqvarna WR 430 (air cooled 2 stroke)

    I could very easily spend a fortune on "potential" investment classics.

    "I am a selfish, self-righteous tosser", a "fucking loser" and now an "absolute fucking idiot"

    Me - '03 RSV Mille, '89 FJ 1200 x 2, & '75 TL 125 & Schweizer S300 CBi Helicopter
    Wife - '01 FZ1 (Fazer 1000), '86 VF 750 Interceptor and '07 CRF 230F
    Kids - '03 Fazer 600, GY 125 and CRF 100 off roaders, '10 Reiju RS2 50 Matrix Pro

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    Several bikes have already seen a pretty rapid appreciation in the last 10 years:
    Bevel-drive Ducatis
    Honda RC30/RC45
    Vincents of any model

    They may go up more, or they may go down if the collector bike market in general is overheated as I suspect. But they will always be desirable and valuable. That Black Shadow that was $25k in 1997 and $50k in 2007, and is now $100k...may be worth less than six figures someday but it will never be cheap.

    The trick is to find the bikes that are underappreciated today at the bottom. The Honda CBX was this way just a few years ago and is on its way up now, along with the early ZX-7R (back when the R was the homologations special '91-94).

    Here are a few, and people may look at this list and say they are worthless junk, or at the very least old-fashioned and not exciting.
    '84 Ninja 900
    '99 Hayabusa
    '00 RSV Mille-R
    '96 GSX-R750
    '86 VFR750 Interceptor
    '85-86 VF1000R
    '86 GSXR-1100
    '95-96 Triumph Super III
    '98 Yamaha R1
    '97 CBR1100XX Blackbird
    '00 MV F4-750
    Any water-cooled 500cc two-stroke MX bike with disc brakes.

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    apriliaforum expert ChrisE's Avatar
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    Lebanon,TN Lincoln, UK originally
    Find yourself a Briton or Ducati Supermono, they'll hold their value and probably appreciate...good luck.

    I think you'll have better luck in the car market or the stock market, plus you don't have to keep stocks in a pristine, environmentally controlled storage area.
    Currently in my garage
    '15 Ducati Panigale 1299S
    '15 Ducati Multistrada S (White)
    '12 Aprilia Tuono APRC (Yellow)
    '98 Yamaha R1
    '93 Bimota Db2
    '75 Honda CB400F

    My Sons bikes
    '07 Ducati 1098S
    '08 KTM 250 XCW
    '05 Honda 650XR

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    R7, RD350L, RZ500
    250 Elsinore, CB500/650T, NS400, 1969 CB750
    RG500, RE5
    1982 KZ1000R ELR, 750 H2, GPZ750 Turbo

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    Race bike with a name ,anything 2 t or Italian Old .

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    BC Canada
    How long do you plan to hold on to such a bike as that would narrow it down to a certain type of buyer
    I'd rather be on my bike thinking about god than be in church thinking about my bike 8)

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