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Thread: Pressure gauge accuracy - different front to rear.

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    Back in the Aprilia Cup days the Dunlop vendor had an awesome calibration test stand for use by those of us setting up the bikes...giant oil filled gauge with test ports and a rock steady supply of pressure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NUMBER41 View Post
    Really? Where? I've NEVER seen one, and would be keen to check my gages. That said, I subscribe to an "old racer" and tyre reading guru's trick. He basically said, it doesn't really matter what pressure you're running, to a certain degree. You're looking for a consistent pressure RISE from cold to hot. Once you have that dialed-in, then you've got pressure right, regardless of what the gage says.
    thats dependent upon pace as well. The faster you are the more the pressure becomes critical.
    This is on a "new" never heat cycled tire.

    I just did a quick google in Wilmington and it showed 3 places. Dukes & Blacks might be ones I'd try.

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