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Thread: "Factory Works" Winglets

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    "Factory Works" Winglets

    Interesting, we don't see them in WSBK. Gimmick or legit?

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    The use of downforce aerodynamics is legit after a certain speed and power level. For instance in MotoGP where a bike has a very real and electronically controlled desire to wheelie at speeds well in excess of 150 mph the aerodynamic downforce (plus extra drag) allows more power to be put to the ground without the front end rising. For you and me, limited value or none, they do look sort of cool though. There is also a strong correlation between controlling where drag is and how that air is disturbed and ability of a closely following bike to succeed in breaking out of the draft for a high speed pass, hence in F1 wing area and downforce has been steadily diminished over time to allow for more visually spectacular TV viewing and more frequent passing on long straights where it is probably safest.
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