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Thread: Ilmberg belly pan - 17 Factory

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    Quote Originally Posted by catevs View Post
    Is there somewhere on market belly pan like ilmberger but made from fiberglass, I don't want carbon, I would like mat balack color
    Only option is to paint it yourself.

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    Thanks gents

    Yeah id be a tad weary of fibreglass ones. Make sure you see one actually fitted and chat to the guy who installed it.

    Having fitted this one, the mould needs to really really precise and end product super thin as these are. Otherwise it’s going to be a head fark fitting and aligning.

    As above get get one of these and paint/ decal it would be my recommendation if you want the best result without the c/f look. A few guys earlier in the thread have done the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackfin View Post
    (Oops: I meant "Ilmberger"...)

    How's the fitment?

    Looks like it adds some shrouding: Negative effect on cooling, especially at low speed?

    Any recommended accessory stickers? Would hate to cover that glossy weave but this:

    is so sexy. (Apologies to it's owner for nicking your pic...)

    Which decal did you go for the glossy or matte finish??
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    I bought a set of decals from but wasn't satisfied with their appearance so I had a custom set made based on the artwork.

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