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Thread: DD750 Commuter?!

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    DD750 Commuter?!

    Hi guys,

    Haven't been on here for a while. Saying hello.

    It has been almost 4 months since I bought my 2016 DD750 with 5 miles on it. I am loving every bit! It is so much fun. Couldn't ask for a more fun bike. I am currently at 3825 miles on my ODO. I bought the bike near the end of July. It is my commute bike to work. The commute is 26 miles (each way.) This means I am riding at least 52 miles a day. It kinda bums me out. Of course I did not come here to vent. I cam with questions.

    I come in search for advice on what my options are for extending the life of my bike. I would like to keep the bike around for a while. See the ODO surpass 50,000. I am doing maintenance on time. Already have an appointment for next service.

    What are your thoughts fellow DD owners?

    Appreciate any responses.

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    Wrong forum section. Apologies. Unsure how I delete.

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    I will just move it. Just stick to service schedule, there are multiple 750cc twin riders over 100k miles out there, a couple on this forum with early Shiver 750's.
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    Change oil and filter ever 3k, do the valves every 12k and change the coolant once a year - do that you are good for a long time; FYI tires as needed

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