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Thread: Looking for side cases for a Mana

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    Looking for side cases for a Mana

    My Beautiful Wife and I are hoping to find a source for factory Givi Rack for our Aprilla Mana. She loves to ride the bike to work, but it has some sever limitations with extra luggage. Side cases would be the ultimate solution, but the Factory racks for Givi cases are not currently in the Aprilla warehouse, and seem to be discontinued. Although they still seem to have a few v35 cases, but those are easy to locate anyway.

    We are hoping that someone out there has a rack to attach the Givi V35 cases to a Mana. Factory is preferred, creative alternatives are welcome. Seems Hepco andBecker make a Cbow system for it, but the cases are just plain ugly....

    Shad makes a universal Soft case, but we want a hard case. Security is important because she rides it to work.

    What do you have?

    Her bike is the Black one. She convinced our friends to get a matching pair....
    she also bought me the. Thruxton R in the picture for Christmas.

    The seat bag... it kinda sucks on the Mana.

    Thanks for for your help.


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    Hi Tom,

    I have the Aprilia Pannier Mounting Bars - p. n. 858383, currently not installed on the bike.

    Something else to consider is the Givi tail rack and case. I have that on the Mana now, and with a 52 litre case you can hold a lot for a typical commute.


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    Hi! The C-Bow Hepco & Becker (Krauser) cases are not that ugly.
    Okay! The Hepco & Becker Oval Street case are ugly. I got the Street Sort Case kidney shaped.

    Have a look at my old post. Mana side cases

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    Hepco & Becker C-Bow hard case. AF1 has it listed on their website.

    The Hepco & Becker Orbit Hard Side Cases 22L, PAIR (MM610.2930001) fits the C-Bow racking system.
    Hepco & Becker C-Bow Side Case Supports -Mana (MM630.776)

    Hepco & Becker Orbit Hard Side Case video:

    C-Bow System video:
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    i think i like your wife. can she maybe get me a thruxton as well?

    2015 Red Caponord #64
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    I did stop looking,bought the brackets from Timlsr,bought the Kappa k33n,and also bought the GPR Furore,new bike on it's way,waiting for the exhaust!Almost winter here so next spring!

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